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Terms and Conditions

Personalised Graphic Promotions is proud of it’s quality and customer service.

Our Terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. All costs to be paid in full with the acceptance of our approval form unless otherwise arranged. No production will begin until all invoiced costs are paid in full.
  2. All freight costs to be paid in full as invoiced. All efforts will be made by Personalised Graphic Promotions to send goods via the cheapest and most efficient method possible. Although we pride ourselves on or fast efficient service, it is up to the buyer to allow enough time for the product to arrive in time.
  3. All care to take to match colours but it is not always possible to get a perfect match. All materials print differently and if your logo is being applied to two different products variations may occur.
  4. No verbal orders will be accepted. All orders must be in writing and either mailed or e-mailed or sent through the on-line ordering system.
  5. No verbal changes will be accepted. All changes must be written and either mailed or e-mailed.
  6. Upon approving the visual presentation (art proof) of your order you will be committing to the purchase of the goods described in accordance with such approvals and your order placed with us. It is, therefore, important that you carefully review the visual representation (art proof) and tell us of any changes required. Personalised Graphic Promotions will not be responsible in the event that you make a mistake, change your mind or fail to recognise an error and in respect to any approvals given you must make full payment as invoiced for all goods supplied in accordance with such approvals. This also applies to any order which is part way through the production process.
  7. This order WILL NOT PROCEED unless the authorisation is received and the full payment has been made.
  8. Due to material and shipping fees, all prices are subject to change.
  9. Please keep in mind, although PGP will do its best to ensure all products are produced and shipped quickly, peak times such as christmas may incure longer production times.
  10. Copyright:  Personalised Graphic Promotions does not accept any responsibility for copyright issues. If a logo or image is supplied, it is assumed that the customer has obtained the appropriate authorisation for the use of the image.  If in doubt, do not use it.  Simple